Mission Statement: The goal of the civilian authenticity standards for the camping excursion event is to create as accurate an over-all impression as possible--physically, mentally, and in behavior--without over-emphasizing any one area. The purpose is not only to give each person the sense that he or she is surrounded by real people of another era, but to give each individual the feeling that he or she has personally left the modern world behind and become, as much as possible, a part of this camping trip in 1857.

Clothing should be typical and practical for your character and the circumstances being portrayed, see ladies camping for more specifics.  Everyone will represent middle to upper class city dwellers from the Montgomery County, Ohio area. 

Food, cooking implements, etc. will be posted as we decide what to have.  We will need to travel as light as possible. The basic rule, though, is that no non-reproductions should be brought. In other words, everything you wear, bring, carry, etc. should be a reproduction of a period item (or an original), with no hidden modern items.

The only exception to the "no non-reproductions" rule is one car key, if you wish, and medical items such as prescription medicine, asthma inhalers, and only if you feel it necessary, a card with medical information.

The following will be strictly enforced by way of a pre-event inspection.  No cameras, cell phones, watches, cigarettes, make-up, modern wallets, modern eye-glasses, etc. Use of modern electronics such as cell phones during event hours will result in immediate expulsion from the event.No alcohol!  Use of alcohol will result in immediate expulsion from the event.

If you have questions about any specific item, feel free to discuss it with Hank Trent, or Linda Trent

First person is required at all times except during an emergency, from when you leave the registration area to begin the event, until the conclusion at the end of the week, even during traditional "down times" such as early morning, late night, etc. This means that anything you say should be what your character might have said--no discussions about other reenactments, museums, research from a modern historian's viewpoint, the internet, etc.  There will be plenty of opportunity before the event to plan and discuss our characters and their relationships with each other, to make first person easy and interesting when we finally get together.

In case of a 21st century emergency anything like, "call 911" or "get a paramedic" should instantly tell us that it is a real emergency and not part of the play.  I personally do not believe in being 'cute' when we have a life and death situation, and once a real injured person comes in everyone in that area is going to be exposed to 21st century talk anyway.

We are counting on everyone to help us enforce these guidelines to help make it a successful event.

If you have any questions about anything in the guidelines, feel free to contact the above mentioned people.
Rules and Guidelines for this event.